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Installing and Configuring Apache, PHP & MySQL on Cygwin

I had a hard time setting up Apache, PHP and MySQL to work in a Cygwin Environment. At first, I thought it would be as easy as installing any other Cygwin package. However, when I searched for PHP from the official Cygwin mirrors via setup.exe, I couldn’t find it. So I scratched my head, did some searching on Google, and I learnt about the Cygwin Ports Project, which I found to be interesting. I decided to document the entire process for future reference. Find out more »

download embedded videos from websites such as youtube

How to Download Videos from YouTube (and other websites)

There are many times when we come across videos on YouTube (or any other website) that are of interest to us, and we wanna download them for offline viewing. Well, it’s pretty easy, as you shall see in this article. There are actually many ways of doing this, and there are lots of tools out there to accomplish this task, but in this post I’m only gonna talk about two ways I use every time. Find out more »

Latest News & info for the AEC Industry

For The Latest information related to Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) technology solutions in use throughout Building, Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, check out the AECmag website , where you can even download pdf versions of the magazine. Free registration required.